Business Intelligence and Master Data

Last month we had in inspiring Business Intelligence Unit meeting. One of the key items of this meeting was a Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS) presentation. During the presentation a firm discussion developed. Main topic of this discussion was, belongs Master Data Management to the Business Intelligence domain?

Microsoft positioned MDS as part of their BI Suite, I think MDM does not belong to the Business Intelligence domain. BI uses MDM as a validated source for its core dimensions.  The main goal of Business Intelligence is to create actionable information. The main goal of MDM is to have a one clear (unified) view of the ‘key’ business Entities, and the organization uses that view everywhere.

MDM and BI overlap, have mutual interests and structures however are different by nature.

I think many organizations lack a common definition and source of their ‘Key business Entities, often leading to confusion of tongues.

Regards Kees


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